Founding team

Mathieu Rimaud
CEO & President
Operations & orthopedic industry

Cross-sectoral perspective of medical technologies: 

operations, sales & marketing 20y 
(in startups and international groups) 

Innovative Medical Devices Orthopedics, Computer Assisted Surgeries & Robotics
Antoine Perrier
Chief Medical Officer
Biomechanical models & clinical applications 

Expertise on musculoskeletal system, applied biomechanics, functional anatomy, clinical studies, design of anatomic models 

Member of Scientific Societies, (Orthopedics, Podiatrics), KOL and Hospitals
Mathieu Bailet
Architecture & software Software

 Applied mathematics for medical applications and biomechanics 

Computer science, modeling and simulation
Marek Bucki
Chief Scientific Officer
Algorithms & software Research

Innovation, prototyping and software development 

20 years of experience in biomechanical modeling of biological soft tissues Mathematical models, 
Applied research, cross-functionality science-medical

Partnerships and Collaborations

About TwInsight

TwInsight, founded in 2020, with the mission to provide each patient with his/her digital orthopedic twin to personalize and improve their surgical care.


TwInsight 5 avenue du Grand Sablon 38700 La Tronche