Founding team

Mathieu Rimaud
CEO & President
Operations & orthopedic industry

Interdisciplinary perspective of medical technologies: operations, sales and marketing.

20 years of experience in both startups and international groups

Innovative Medical Devices Orthopedics, Computer Assisted Surgeries & Robotics

Antoine Perrier
Chief Medical Officer
Biomechanical models & clinical applications 

Expertise in the musculoskeletal system, applied biomechanics, functional anatomy, clinical studies and design of anatomic models. 

Member of scientific societies and KOL in orthopedics, podiatry and hospitals.

Mathieu Bailet

Chief Technical Officer

Architecture & software development

 Applied mathematics for medical applications and biomechanics 

Computer science, modeling and simulation

Marek Bucki
Chief Scientific Officer
Algorithms & software research

Innovation, prototyping and software development 

20 years of experience in biomechanical modeling of biological soft tissues, mathematical models, applied research, and the intersection between science and healthcare

Applied research, cross-functionality science-medical

Partnerships and Collaborations